We live in a digital age and our children are surrounded by technology all the time. To make school and learning real and authentic for our students we need to incorporate the use of technology at school by infusing it into the learning process – not by adding it on, but by integrating the technology into their learning in a meaningful and interesting manner. To make this a reality we embarked on a 1:1 iPad Programme in July of 2014. All our students have their own parent-provided iPads and they also visit the IT Centre for an hour each week, where they use Windows PCs with Microsoft Office to further integrate technology into their learning. The teachers run their own IT lessons, which are completely integrated into the curriculum and do not consist of stand-alone program specific lessons. We also make use of Google Apps for Education and have essentially, “gone Google”. This is a multi-faceted approach that exposes our students to different platforms and tools. In doing so we prepare them for all eventualities when they leave school one day.

This blog serves to share highlights, advice, information and tips. It also serves as a communication repository for our parents, so that they always know where to find school-related iPad information. It will not only be iPad specific, but much of the material will be iPad related.

Karen Stadler

Head of Digital Learning – Elkanah House Senior Primary

GCE_Badges_01  GCE_Badges_02

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MIEE 2015/2016

ISTE-Awards-Social-Badge (1)

Winner of the 2014 ISTE Online Learning Award



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