Google FAQ

At our school we use a number of Google Apps for Education (G Suite). Here are some tips on how these apps work:

Q: What are Google Apps for Education (G Suite)?

A: Read this document which explains the G Suite in more detail.

Q: How does my child know when an assignment is posted in Google Classroom?

A: Each time an assignment is posted in Google Classroom an email is sent to all the members of that Classroom. This email will appear in your child’s Gmail Inbox.

NB – It is imperative that your child checks his/her email daily to stay abreast of assignments.

In Google Classroom there is also a calendar which will show all assignment due dates as posted by the teachers.

Q: How can I access my child’s Google Drive, Google Classroom or Gmail at home (from a computer)?

A: Using any internet browser (Chrome browser recommended), go to and sign in with your child’s Google credentials (your child should know these). Your child’s Gmail account will open. In the top right corner of the screen, click on the grid (or “waffle” as the students know it) and choose the Google Drive (or Google Classroom) icon. This will take you to your child’s Google Drive (or Google Classroom where you will click on the required Classroom to access it) where you can access any documents, presentations, videos etc.

Q: How do I print a document from my child’s Google Classroom?

A: All documents uploaded to Google Classroom are automatically placed in a Classroom folder in your child’s Google Drive. You can print the documents via Google Drive. From your computer, access Google Drive (as above) and double click on the selected document. It will open in preview mode. In the centre of the screen you will see a Printer icon. Click on it and select your printer to print the document.

Alternatively, the document can be emailed to your home computer from the iPad (file size permitting, of course):                                                                                                                           Open the selected document, tap on the three dots at the top right-hand side of the screen, select ‘Send a copy‘ and choose Gmail (if it is there). This will open a new email window where you can type in the address to which you want to send the document.             [If the Gmail icon is not there, tap on ‘More’ and switch on the Gmail option. then follow the instructions above.]

Q: Google Classroom parent access – is this possible?

A: Although parent access to Google Classroom is not yet available, there are ways of getting around this. Please see this document for assistance.