iPad FAQ

We often get questions from parents about the iPads. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: Why does our school use iPads?

A: This document gives a clear response to this question. Click HERE.

Q: Why must my child have a specific model of iPad?

A: Your child will use an iPad at our school from Grade 4 to Grade 9. The more current the device you have to begin with, the less chance you have of having to replace the device during that time. We want all our students and staff to have the same experience when working on the iPads. When we have a mixture of older and newer iPads, possibly running an earlier iOS, the experience cannot be guaranteed to be the same and often current apps will not work on older devices. This can be very frustrating for everyone. To address this, we recommend a specific entry-level, latest model device for Grade 4. You are, of course, welcome to buy your child a device with higher specifications, should you wish to. (Note: The iPad mini has been removed from the list, as experience has shown us that it is too small, especially for High School.)

Q: I am unsure of which restrictions to put on my child’s iPad. 

A: This document explains how to set restrictions and provides some recommended restrictions. Click HERE.

Q: I would like to block iMessage on my child’s iPad. Is this possible?

A: Yes it is possible. Click HERE for assistance.

Q: My child’s iPad is in for repair. May we borrow one from the school?

A: The school has a small number of loan iPads. Please email your child’s teacher with your request.

Q: I cannot find the latest App List. Where could I look?

A: The current App List is here.

Q: I have forgotten my Apple ID password. What can I do?

A. You can log in to iforgot.apple.com and reset your password.

Q: My child has disabled his iPad. What can I do?

A: When the lock screen passcode has been erroneously entered a number of times, the iPad, after a number of warnings, becomes disabled. This is a security feature. Unfortunately the iPad will have to be restored at your local iStore. All the contents on the iPad will be erased. If you have a Mac computer, you could follow the instructions here.

It is recommended that the iPad is backed up to iTunes on a computer at least twice a term to prevent loss of work.

Q: How do I back up my child’s iPad?

A: You can back up an iPad to iCloud or iTunes on a computer. Follow the instructions here.

Q: My child’s 16GB iPad is almost full. What can I do to clear up space?

A: Go to General>Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage. There you can see what is taking up the most space, including apps, photos, music etc. You can then delete the culprits. If you have deleted photos and videos and have not recovered enough space yet, check Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted. They stay there for thirty days. Also limit the number of games. You will find more tips here.

There is often hidden data that takes up space on an iPad. This falls under the ‘Other’ category of iPad usage and can be managed more efficiently. To find out more, please read HERE.

Q: How can I prevent my child from making purchases against my credit card?

A: You have a few options:

  • Change your Apple ID password to ensure that your account is not compromised. Don’t share this password with your child.
  • Make sure In-App Purchases are switched off under Restrictions.
  • Remove your credit card information from your iTunes account.
  • Make sure you set your App Store password preferences to ‘Always Require’.
  • Set up Family Sharing if you have more than one iOS device. As the owner, you can control purchases from your own device.

Q: How do I set up Family Sharing?

A: See this WEBSITE for clear instructions on how to set up Family Sharing.

Q: Is there a way to switch off email notifications etc. so that my child is not constantly distracted by these notifications?

A: Your child can switch on the ‘Do Not Disturb‘ function. This will stop notifications, alerts and calls from making any noise, vibration or lighting up the phone screen when the screen is locked. For more information about this, go HERE.

Alternatively, you can switch off all Notifications. See HERE for more information.

Q: Can I “lock” my child into an app to prevent distractions during homework time?

A: Guided Access on the iPad will assist you child in staying focused and on task. Read HERE to find out how to set it up.

Q: How can I manage my child’s screen time effectively?

A: See this Parent Toolkit for some hints and tips.